5 Most Satisfying S*x Positions for Men With Small P*nises

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According to Dailystar, here are five most satisfying s*x positions for men with a small p*nis. These styles will guarantee you the ability to satisfy your partner and make s*x pleasurable again.

1. The Lapping Dog
Ah, good ole doggy. The UK’s favourite s*x position. This position is great because it gets him about as deep as he is going to get.

Men with small schlongs are known for being exceptionally good at or*l s*x, so the lapping dog allows him to alternate between penetrative and or*l with ease.

You will bend over, he will pump a few times and then go down on you. Repeat.

2. Rock and Grind
Lie on top of him and instead of thrusting do a slow grind, rolling your hips and rubbing against his pen*s and pubic bone.

He will probably slip out a few times, but that’s fine.

The most sensitive part of the vagina is the first couple of inches so it will still feel fantastic for the both of you.

3. The Tight End
One of the perks of a micropenis is that when you have anal it is basically guaranteed not to hurt.

It’s a win-win, he gets a tighter fit, you get the penetration feeling and if you lay spooning get him to reach around and play with your clit too.

4. The Silicone Racehorse
Oh, 2016. What a time to be alive. Now, when you head in to a s*x shop you can get something called a “pen*s extender”.

This will fit over his pen*s and give you both the feeling of filling you deeper. Make sure you start or finish with or*l s*x for him so he knows you love his real parts too.

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5. The Double Down
Again, take yourselves to a s*x shop and treat yourselves to a P-spot toy (for him) and a clit vibrator (for you).

Straddle him and give him a hand job, then plug up his b*tt while he uses the clit vibe on you, you will both get off from the $exy sensations.

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